About the sector

What does the VP/SI sector look like and who is active within it? Find out here. 

The European Venture Philanthropy and Social investment sector is a dynamic, rapidly evolving sector, with a diversity of players supporting a growing number of organisations and companies with a societal purpose.

EVPA conducts an annual survey to gauge the state of the sector, identify new trends and help organisations interested in social impact first approaches get up to speed.

A lot of different players are active in the sector, mainly structured as non-profits such as foundations (either independent, or linked to a corporation), charities or companies with a charitable status, although each country has its terms of structures. 

In majority, these players support either social enterprises or non-profits without trading activities.

  •  The sector is growing overall, VPO budgets are stable, new players are getting involved,  while practices, like long-term commitment and impact measurement and management, are rapidly evolving. 
  • VPOs support their investees not just financially, but also with a variety of non-financial support (organisational support and support to measure and manage impact),  ranging from access to networks and coaching and mentoring, to consulting services.
  • VP/SI organisations work in a wide range of sectors and help a diversity of beneficiaries. The main social impact themes VP/SI organisations work on are economic and social development, financial inclusion and education.
  • The bulk of funding is directed towards Western Europe (in their own country or across borders). Africa is the second target region.

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