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The 9th EVPA Annual Conference is generously supported by: WISE - Philanthropy Advisors Swiss Philanthropy Foundation


Please find below the schedule of the 9th EVPA Annual Conference.

26 November27 November
12:00 Arrival, Registration, Welcome lunch
13:30 Official opening of the 9th EVPA Annual Conference
Welcome by Conference Chair
Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Managing Director, OMSINT
Welcome by EVPA
Pieter Oostlander,  Chairman of EVPA
Geneva and Philanthropy
Anja Wyden Guelpa, State Chancellor of Geneva
The EVPA Conference as leverage for local VP development?
Etienne Eichenberger, Executive director at Wise philanthropy advisors
14:00 Plenary session - Responsible leadership : Inspire and Act!
Moderator : Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Managing Director, OMSINT
Speakers : Didem Altop, Managing director at Endeavor Turkey
Firoz Ladak, Executive director at The Edmond the Rothschild Foundations
Bernard Jan Wendeln, Managing director at WEGA support GmbH
Harlan Mandel, CEO at Media Development Investment Fund
14:45 Keynote - Leading Teams of Excellence for Social Change
Moderator : Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Managing Director, OMSINT
Speakers : Rodrigo Jordan, Social Entrepreneur, Founder and President of Instituto Vertical
15:15 Plenary session - A conversation on what inspires private philanthropists

An informal discussion with two inspiring private philanthropists to look at what inspires them, where they see their role and where action matter most from their perspective

Moderator : Etienne Eichenberger, Executive director, Wise philanthropy advisors
Speakers : André Hoffmann, Vice President, WWF International
Kristian Parker, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the Oak Foundation
15:45 Coffee and networking break
15:45 - 16:30 Pop up session: Responsible Leadership
Moderator: Joanna Hafenmayer, Managing Director, My Impact GmbH
16:30 Plenary session - Matching the soul of philanthropy with the spirit of investing: a delicate balance
Moderator : Vineet Bewtra, Director Investments, the Omidyar Network
Speakers : Nicolas Hazard, Chairman, Le Comptoir de l’Innovation
Maximilian Martin, Founder & Global Managing Director, Impact Economy SA
Phyllis Costanza, CEO, UBS Optimus Foundation
Karen Hitschke, Director of Yunus Social Business Funds
17:30 A conversation about leadership and giving
Speakers: Olivia Leland, Director, Giving Pledge
Kurt Peleman, CEO, EVPA
18:00 - 18:15 Impressions Day 1


Speakers: Ivan Pictet, President of the Board, Fondation pour Genève
Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Managing Director, OMSINT
18:30 - 20:00 Close and depart to Musée Ariana for reception
8:15 Arrival and coffee
8:45 Stream 'Tricks of the Trade
Introduction to Impact Measurement:Moving from measuring to managing impact. How to become more impactful investors?

The session will focus on best practice in impact measurement distilled into five easy to understand steps (as per EVPA’s recently published “A Practical Guide to Measuring & Managing Impact”). The session will be highly interactive with attendees putting into practice the five steps to address certain challenges raised by the panelists.  Discussions will also go a step further by focusing on how impact can and should be managed by organisations to achieve even greater impact.

Moderator : Richard Kennedy, Managing Director, FINCA UK
Speakers : Nicholas Colloff, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Oxfam GB
Oyvind Sandvold, Director of Business Development, Ferd Social Entrepreneurs
Jürgen Griesbeck, Founder & CEO, StreetFootballWorld
Impact measurement showcasing - the best social value arguments

The “gap” in return rates for impact investment is justified by social value. But how does one make a convincing, measured case for this social value. This session will aim at showing 3 social investment organisations’ way in justifying this value in the hopes the audience may take away ideas relevant to their impact measurement efforts.

Moderator : Ivo Knoepfel, Founder and Managing Director, onValues
Speakers : Tom Kagerer, COO, LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation
Marcus Hulme, Social Impact Director, Big Society Capital
Peter Whitehead, Director of Communications, Media Development Investment Fund
Social Impact Bonds, are they catalysing real change?

Update on SIB market growth – how many operational and what’s in the pipeline. Review of lessons learnt – both in setting up SIBs and delivering the targeted outcomes. Views from each of the key parties covering commissioning challenges, risk/return for investors and experience of SSOs delivering the intervention.

Moderator : Antony Ross, Partner and Head of Social Sector Funds, Bridges Ventures
Speakers :  Lisa Barclay, Director, Social Finance Ltd
David Derbyshire, Director of Practice Improvement, Action for Children
Roger Bullen, Head of Partnership, Essex County Council
Fundamentals of non financial support

Learn about options of non-financial support and approaches to deliver it; apply non-financial support options to a real-life case; discuss do’s and don’ts of non-financial support and learn how to avoid the most common traps.

Moderators: Patrick Frick, Co-founder, Social Investors
Kipper Blakeley, Social Investors
Speakers: Celia Tennant, Head of Funds, Inspiring Scotland
Lynda Mansson, Director General, the MAVA Foundation
Jonathan Jenkins, Chief Executive, The Social Investment Business
Leslie Johnston, Executive Director, C&A Foundation
Optimizing funding: where does philanthropy and impact investment fit best in the value chain of growing a social impact business?
Moderator : John Kingston, Chair, Association of Charitable Foundations
Speakers : Ulrich Grabenwarter, Head of Strategic Development, the European Investment Fund
Felix Oldenburg, Director, Ashoka Germany and Europe
Co-investing: How to make it work?
Moderator : Tenke A. Zoltani, Founder, Better Finance
Speakers : Johannes Weber, Founder & Managing Partner, Social Venture Fund
Deirdre Davies,  Director, Deutsche Bank Private Equity & Private Markets
Olivier Lafourcade, Chairman, Investisseurs & Partenaires
Data versus Intuition: How much number crunching do we really need?

An illuminating exchange of views about the value of quantifying social impact provided by the organisations supported by VPs, and the potential distraction from “put your money where your heart is” (and your reasonable intuition).

Moderator : Peter Heller, Founder & Executive Director, Canopus Foundation
Speakers : Christian Meyn, Managing Director, Auridis GmbH
Richard Butler, Senior Investment Manager, CAF Venturesome
Should Venture Philanthropy organisations be more "interventionist" about leadership of their portfolio organisations?

Venture philanthropists often reject potential investees because the quality of the senior leaders is not considered strong enough (even though sometimes programme delivery is highly effective). In the for-profit venture capital space, investors would be much more proactive in upskilling or replacing the weak leaders. In this session, participants will consider the pros and cons of taking a more aggressive approach to leadership in the social sector, examine what are the key competencies of top leaders, consider whether founder CEO’s are a special case, and explore what we can/should do to improve the quality of leadership in our portfolios and across the sector.

Moderator : Sean Coughlan, CEO, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland
Speakers : Adele Blakebrough, Chief Executive, Social Business Trust
Marc Boughton, Managing Partner, CVC Capital Partners
Serge Raicher, Co-Founder, EVPA
Pitching sessions
The following social ventures will give pitches:

To learn more about those organisations and the pitching sessions in general, please see

10:30 Coffee and networking break
11:15 Stream 'Best Practice'
How to plan and execute an exit while maximising impact? Challenges and Learnings.

The session tackles the main challenges when designing an exit strategy and when executing an exit. Exit looks different from a grant and from other financing instruments, but in VP/SI the impact is the main focus. Participants will work through specific cases introduced by the speakers and break into smaller groups to discuss key topics in greater depth.

Moderator: Anna-Marie Harling, Senior Research Associate, EVPA
Speakers: Erwin Stahl, Managing Director, BonVenture Management GmbH
  Anka Krynska, Chief Investment Officer, MDIF
Wim Post, Program Manager, the Noaber Foundation
The good, the bad and the ugly: Lessons learned from past mistakes

After a brief introduction based on research conducted by EVPA, the speakers will explain how they have learned from their mistakes, using specific cases of failed investments. Participants will break into smaller groups to discuss key topics.

Moderator : Lisa Hehenberger, Research Director, EVPA
Speaker: Richard Gomes, Global Policy & Advocacy Manager, Shell Foundation
  Fabio Segura, Senior Investment Manager Latin America, LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation
Ximena Escobar de Nogales, Head of Social Perfomance Management, Bamboo Finance
Venture Philanthropy in the developing world: the journey toward more impact

Opportunities and needs are huge in Africa but not all stages of the pipeline are as well developed. The sourcing and capacity building remain a main challenge when considering becoming active in this continent. Which steps are to be undertaken to build a favourable ecosystem, how help develop the local intermediary sector to assist in the sourcing, understanding the importance of involving (local) government when projects reach a more mature stage and developing a local network to strengthen the capacity of the grantee/investee are topics that panellist will tackle in this session.

Moderator : Anne Holm Rannaleet, CEO, IKARE ltd
Speakers : Bathylle Missika, Head of the OECD network of Foundations Working for Development
Michael Green, Co-author of Philanthrocapitalism
David Crook, Development Director, Stars Foundation
Susannah Hares, International Director, ARK
How should Social Purpose Organisations engage with local governments that are restructuring their welfare service provision?

This session aims to explore the challenges and opportunities for social enterprises supporting disadvantaged communities which are directly or indirectly being impacted by changes in services funded or provided by government.

Moderator : Danyal Sattar, Social Investment Manager, the Esmee Fairbarn Foundation
Speakers : Madeleine Clarke, Founder and Director, Genio
Cláudia Pedra, Managing Partner, Stone Soup
Lorenzo Piovanello, Executive Education Director, Fondazione Lang Italia
Crowdfunding: what does it mean for venture philanthropy and the social investment sector?

The session seeks to uncover the growing phenomenon of crowdfunding and what it means for venture philanthropists and social investors. Given recent data speaks of over 500 active crowd-funding platforms globally and over $5bn in funds raised. Plus the fact that in addition to the original donation and lending based platforms we are now seeing an emergence of equity based platforms. What are the benefits and what are the downsides of crowdfunding? Can crowdfunders and venture philanthropists / social investors support the same social enterprises? What are the consequences for deal structuring / investment management?

Moderator : Arnon Shafir, Co-founder and CEO, give2gether
Speakers : Aurelie Salvaire, Vicepresident of Women’s worldwideweb & Curator of TedxBarcelonaWomen
Francisco Arechaga, Teaming Foundation
Matteo Pessione, Coordinator VP activity, Fondazione CRT
EU policy initiatives: Friends or Foes?
Moderator: Olivier de Guerre, Chairman, PhiTrust Partenaires
Speakers: Tim Shakesby, Policy Analyst, European Commission
Bart Weetjens, Founder & Corporate Affairs, APOPO
Elinor de Pret, Board Member, SI2 Fund
Stories from the Field : Social Entrepreneurs about Investors
 Moderator: Angela De Santiago, CEO and Founder, Youphil
Speakers: Andreas Heinecke, CEO & Founder, Dialogue Social Enterprise
  Christoph Birkholz, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Impact Hub Zurich
Diane Burridge, CEO, Moneyline
Pop up sessions
 Moderator: Joanna Hafenmayer, Managing Director, My Impact GmbH
12:30 Networking Lunch
14:00 Stream 'Building the Market'
Building the pipeline for VP investors/grantmakers

This session exposes different viewpoints when building a social investment market. VPOs complain that there is insufficient deal flow, social enterprises complain that they can’t get funding. How can we explain this paradox and what are some potential solutions. Speakers representing VPOs, SPOs and matching organisations will express their views on what is missing, and the moderator will also draw on the collective experience of the audience/participants. The outcome should be an initial mapping of the social investment market and where the main gaps are. What is the role of the industry association (EVPA)? What is the role of policy makers?

Moderator : Anne-Claire Pache, Chaired Professor in Philanthropy, ESSEC Business School
Speakers : Cliff Prior, CEO, UnLtd
Fried Roggen, Fund Manager, SI2 Fund
Jakob Assmann, Co-founder and CEO, Polarstern
An update on Switzerland

Switzerland combine both a solid tradition of financial institution and a rare density of foundations. At the same time ventures in the landscape of impact investing and venture philanthropy have arose in the last 10 years. What are the key features of the Swiss markets?
The session will look at this session with Swiss opinion leaders in this market.

Moderator: Etienne Eichenberger,  Executive Director, Wise philanthropy advisors
Speakers : Angela de Wolff, Founding Partner, Conser Invest
Peter Brey, CEO, the Leendaards Foundation
Peter A. Fanconi, CEO, BlueOrchard Finance
Patrick Elmer, Head of Philanthropy Services and Responsible Investment, Credit Suisse
Bertrand Gacon, Head of Impact Investing, Lombard Odier & President of Sustainable Finance Geneva
How HNWI create impact and the role of venture philanthropy

Engaged HNWI are seeking ways to create more impact on their philanthropic journey. Venture philanthropy as well as impact investment are becoming a more and more attractive complementary options for them but certainly not sufficient in regards to the need.
•  What needs to be done from the market?
•  What interests most HNWI in their philanthropy today?

Moderator:  Maurice Machenbaum, Executive Director, Wise
Speakers: Yann Borgstedt, Founder and President, the Womanity Foundation
Marc Flammang, Head of Philanthropy & Impact Investments, Banque Degroof
Michiel de Wilde, Director, the Erasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy
Piet Colruyt, Founder, Impact Capital NV
Julia Balandina Jaquier, Founder and Managing Director, JBJ Consult
How European foundations use their investments to support their mission

A whole new range of social investment and active ownership approaches allow foundations to manage investments that actively contribute to the greater good and to the mission without hurting financial returns. The session aims at presenting three foundations that are using impact investment.

Moderator : Beate Eckhardt, CEO, Swiss Foundations
Speakers : Andreas Kirchschläger, CEO, Elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization
Judith Brandsma, Treasurer, the Foundation for Democracy and Media
Ise Bosch, Executive Director, Dreilinden gGmbH
Talent: how to find it and why you should care.

Explore the benefits and challenges of Social Enterprises recruiting experienced talent, and balancing the need for bringing in skills, with remuneration and the desire to ensure all team members buy into the mission.

Moderator : Tom Rippin, Founder & CEO, on Purpose
Speakers : Vincent Fauvet, Executive Chairman, Investir & +
Antony Ross, Partner and Head of Social Sector Funds, Bridges Ventures
Daï Powell, CEO, HCT group
Lea Thomassin, Co-Founder and Campaigns Director, Mailforgood
Corporate Impact Venturing

Corporations can be a huge force. For economic development. But also for ‘the good’? Now that corporations start to embrace the ideas of Inclusive Business and Shared Value, it is time to explore ‘Corporate Impact Venturing’. How do corporations think about impactful investments in outside ventures, aiming for both social or environmental as well as financial return? Are they keen to invest themselves, or is this precisely the role they would like their corporate foundations to play? And how do they think to team up with other players in the eco-system such as venture philanthropists, impact investors and civil sector organizations? And in return, what benefits see those players in collaborating with corporations?”

Moderator: Steven Serneels, Board member at SI² Fund & Co-creator Ashoka
Speakers: Katinka Greve Leiner, Director, Ferd Social Entrepreneurs
Niclas Thelander, Executive Director, LeapFrog Investments
Laurent Laïk, Director of La Varappe
Dorje Mundle, Head of Corporate Responsibility Management, Novartis
Family Business and Social Entrepreneurship: the next paradigm for creating impact

In this session, we will describe hybrid value chains that have emerged out of the cooperation between social entrepreneurs and family businesses on the one hand; and we will openly discuss the partnership opportunities between the family business and the social entrepreneurship worlds to accelerate the mainstreaming of the social entrepreneurship mindset as the path towards more sustainable for-profit business models while improving the quality of life of millions of citizens.
The two most prominent networks of both worlds (Family Business Network International and Ashoka respectively) will be showcasing how they have created a partnership to share knowledge and experiences in order to accelerate positive social and environmental impact at a larger scale.

Moderator : Julia Hieber, INSEAD Wendel Family Enterprise Centre
Speakers : Alexis du Roy de Blicquy, CEO, The Family Business Network International
Arnaud Mourot, ASHOKA Representative France
Attracting private investors to ride the social investment wave

We need to attract a greater variety of investor groups to social investing. This includes investors supporting different stages of development of a social enterprise, but particularly at the seed and early stages where there are significant funding gaps.  How can experienced investors, particularly angel investors, be further involved in impact investing? How have these and other private investors been engaged to date?

Moderator : Karen Wilson, Structural Policy Division of the Science, Technology and Industry Directorate, the OECD
Speakers : Brigitte Baumann, Founder & CEO, Go Beyond
Suzanne Biegel, Catalyst at Large and Senior Adviser to ClearlySo
Nikolaus Hutter, Director, Toniic Europe
Pitching sessions
The following social ventures will give pitches:

To learn more about those organisations and the pitching sessions in general, please see

15:45 Plenary session: Getting the financial sector –a critical piece of the puzzle– more involved in social investment

Many are asking to get financial institutions (large banks, Private banks, pension funds, etc. ) more involved in the Social Investment space. What can be learned from concrete cases of impact investment partnerships with financial institutions?

Moderator : Patrice Schneider, Chief Strategy Officer, Media Development Investment Fund
Speakers: Mario Marconi, Head Philanthropy & Values-Based Investing, UBS
Roland Dominicé, CEO, Symbiotics
Jean-Luc Perron, Managing Director, Grameen Credit Agricole Microfinance Foundation
Esperanza Vigueras, Managing Director for Global Risk Planning and Reporting, BBVA
Interactive feedback session
Moderator:  Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Managing Director, OMSINT
16.45 Impressions, appreciation and where to next!
Speakers:  Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Managing Director, OMSINT
Kurt Peleman, CEO, EVPA
17.15 - 18.00 Drinks
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