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2010 Luxembourg

The 6th EVPA Annual Conference took place in Luxembourg on the 16 – 17 November 2010. It acknowledged that venture philanthropy has come a long way since the first official EVPA conference in London in 2005. The distinction between the nonprofit and the for-profit sector has become blurred with the emergence of social entrepreneurship and the increased demand for transparency and performance measurement to assess the efficiency of nonprofit organisations. Meanwhile, foundations have considered how to change some of their practices in order to better assist the social sector and how to align their investments with their social mission. Venture philanthropy is positioned at the intersection between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. As such, venture philanthropy includes high engagement and a range of financing mechanisms tailored to the needs of the social purpose organisation, be it a nonprofit organisation or a social enterprise.

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The programme for the 2010 Luxembourg Annual Conference can be found here.

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