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IN THE SPOTLIGHT – The European Venture Philanthropy Industry 2010/11

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EVPA publishes European Venture Philanthropy Industry 2010/11

Early this month EVPA’s Knowledge Centre published the first report on the venture philanthropy industry in Europe, providing key statistics on the industry.

Dr Lisa Hehenberger, Research Director of EVPA and responsible for the study, said: “This VP industry report is the first step in a larger effort by the Knowledge Centre to provide independent statistics on an industry that is still in the early stages of evolution. The underlying survey will be repeated on an annual basis to create a longitudinal database with VP industry statistics that can be analysed over time. We appreciate the time invested by the 50 organisations that responded to the survey. Our objective is to help EVPA members and other social investors/VP practitioners to improve their practices, attract resources and gain legitimacy as an industry.”

The key findings of the report are:

-        Cumulative investments made by European Venture philanthropy reach €1bn

-        Venture philanthropy funds create societal impact by supporting young or very young social purpose organisations (NGOs, social businesses)

-        Half the money is directed towards health and education issues

-        Venture philanthropists are hands on, medium-term partners of the organisations they support

As venture philanthropy continues to grow, EVPA’s industry building role becomes increasingly important. As of today EVPA acts as the main repository of data on the VP industry in Europe. The ambition is to repeat the survey annually and for the industry report to become the key point of reference on European VP and social investment and for this reason the second annual industry survey will be soon processed.

Read here the full press release.

Download the report.

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