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16/02 - 17/02

The Executive Course in Strategic Philanthropy

The Executive Course in Strategic Philanthropy is a course designed by Fondazione Lang Italy for social investors that want to increase the social impact of their initiatives. The three training modules provide to participants with tools and useful learnings in order to help them upgrade their strategic vision and compare their strategies with national and international best practices.

The objective of the course is to maximise the effectiveness of the philanthropic projects and / or social investments and strengthen social purpose organisations’ strategic direction through a panel of national and international speakers and a delivery mode that combines classroom theory, best practices and opportunities for practical application.

The Executive Strategic Philanthropy in 2017 is divided into three modules:
• Strategies and Tools for Effective Philanthropy (16-17 February)
• Social Impact Evaluation (April 6 to 7)
• Social Impact Investing (18 to 19 May)

You will have the opportunity to attend either the entire course or each individual two-day training module

*The course will be held in Italian.

For more information, please visit Fondazione Lang website.

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