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27/03 - 28/03

CEE Social Investment Taskforce | Steering Group meeting in March in Warsaw

On March 2, the initial concept paper of the CEE Social Investment Taskforce has been sent to diverse stakeholders in CEE to begin the process of building a first, truly regional movement, which will catalyse and attract early stage social impact investing in the CEE region.

The CEE Social Investment Taskforce has been launched at the CEE Breakfast at the EVPA Annual Conference in Paris on November 3, 2016. Among its objectives, the CEE Taskforce aims at developing and strengthening the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship and impact investing in CEE. In particular, we want to attract more and better adapted resources for early-stage social enterprises (supply, demand and intermediaries), showcase investment examples from CEE, and to position CEE in the global movement to develop and grow the social impact investing sector. To strengthen its global presence the CEE Social Investment Taskforce will become a member of the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group (GSG).

Since November meeting, an initial Steering Group for the Taskforce has been formed to develop draft concept paper for the Taskforce, as well as its draft agenda for years to come. The initial Steering Group embraces the following organisations EVPA, NESsT, GSEN, Yunus Social Business, and the European Commission. 

We are now sharing broadly the concept paper of the CEE Taskforce and open the floor to other stakeholders in CEE, or interested in the region, to engage in this exciting process. During its first meeting on March 27 – 28 in Warsaw, the Steering Group will develop an action plan, responsibilities and agree on the governance of the CEE Taskforce. We are looking forward to engaging with multiple stakeholders already present or interested in impact investing in CEE. 

Should you be interested in obtaining the CEE Taskforce Concept Paper, joining the Steering Group, the CEE Taskforce or want to learn more about the initiative, please contact Ewa Konczal, CEE Manager, EVPA

Download the agenda of the CEE Taskforce Steering Group meeting. 

The meeting of the CEE Taskforce in Warsaw is supported by Mott Foundation. 

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