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A Practical Guide to Measuring and Managing Impact aims to help both social investors and social purpose organisations more effectively measure and manage impact. Initially conceived to address concerns raised by EVPA members about the need for guidance on how to work with the maze of tools, methodologies, databases and metrics on social impact measurement, the Practical Guide recommends best practice without “reinventing the wheel”. The Practical Guide is useful both for:

• beginners in impact measurement, who are considering how to get started, and for
• more advanced social sector funders (incl. foundations and social investors) who are   struggling with how to better integrate an impact focus into everyday investment management decisions.

The Practical Guide distils best practice in impact measurement into five easy-to-understand steps, with Managing Impact at the core:

(i) Setting Objectives
(ii) Analysing Stakeholders
(iii) Measuring Results
(iv) Verifying & Valuing Impact
(v) Monitoring & Reporting


Developing the Practical Guide

Webinar etc

Webinar Series with Expert Group and Case studies. The strength of EVPA lies in its members and their experience, and in its network. For this reason EVPA convened a group of twenty seven experts in the field of impact measurement from Europe, Asia and the US: leading venture philanthropy practitioners, consultants and academics to explore these five steps, as well as representatives of other associations.
The experts were divided into working groups and assigned a step in the process. Between April 2012 and the end of July 2012, a series of five webinars were held, each one representing a step and being led by a particular working group. In the relevant webinar the working groups reported back on a concrete case study where they considered the various tools or methodologies that could be used and the advantages, disadvantages and considerations for each of them.

Practitioners, representatives and academics of the following organisations are members of the IMI Expert Group:

IMI Workshop. The documentation of experiences and discussions from the webinars was used to adjust and edit the framework of the manual so that the resulting draft is truly grounded in the practice. The first draft was released at a two days workshop in Dublin, 12-13 November 2012, as a pre-conference event to the 8th EVPA Annual Conference. This workshop was open to all both EVPA members and non members and acted as a sounding board for the first version of the manual.

To see the full programme of the workshop click here.

Consultation Period. Following the dissemination of the first draft, a consultation period was opened and a broader group of experts (including social purpose organisations) were asked for their comments and feedback. The inclusion of their feedback and the experience of the IMI workshop resulted in the final version of the Practical Guide, published at the end of April 2013.

The Practical Guide

We are pleased to share with you The Practical Guide to Measuring and Managing Impact that can be downloaded for free on the Knowledge Centre publication page.

The Practical Guide is a comprehensive resource that distills best practice in impact measurement into five easy-to-understand steps and provides practical tips and recommendations for how to implement impact measurement at the level of the social investor and in the social sector organisations that they support. The guide then goes a step further by focusing on how impact can and should be managed by organisations to achieve even greater impact.

Your continued feedback on the guide is always welcome and appreciated. Our aim is for this practical guide to encourage more and better work on impact measurement within EVPA’s membership and beyond. We envisage further work during the coming years to provide more high-level guidelines on impact measurement and reporting.
Please send all your comments and suggestions to Lisa Hehenberger at or Anna- Marie Harling at 
The publication of the manual should not be considered as the end of the initiative but rather as the beginning as we will seek to continually refine and improve it. In this way EVPA can be instrumental in:

A Road Map for Measuring & Managing Impact

EVPA presented the Practical Guide for Measuring & Managing Impact during a webinar on May 6th 2013.
You can download here:

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