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ANANDA VENTURES - Social Venture Fund

About ANANDA VENTURES - Social Venture Fund

ANANDA - Social Venture Fund  invests in Social Businesses, which have innovative and entrepreneurial driven solutions for urgent social and environmental challenges. 

The Fund provides support when it is not possible to acquire traditional sources of capital. Therefore the Social Venture Fund closes a financing gap and acts as a catalyst for the comprehensive distribution of creative ideas and solutions for the better. The Social Venture Fund's goal:preserve and recycle invested capital for future investments. 

For investors, the Social Venture Fund is a unique way to enable and participate in successful, as well as sustainable social change, by investing into carefully selected companies. The Social Venture Fund is supported by the global Ashoka Social Financial Services Initiative. To use the fund?s capital for the most effective social impact, the Social Venture Fund focuses on financing the growth and expansion of already proven and successful Social Businesses.



Geographical Focus


Social Sector

Advocacy/Law, Culture/Recreation, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Research, Social services

Country and Regional Focus


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