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Fondinvest Capital

About Fondinvest Capital

Fondinvest Capital is an independent portfolio management company specializing in private equity fund of funds activity. The firm is a pioneer in this business in Europe as it created one of the first private equity funds of funds.

Since inception, Fondinvest Capital has been managing 3 pure primary funds of funds with Fondinvest I-III-V; 3 secondary funds with Fondinvest II-IV-VI; and 2 separate accounts, representing €1.5 billion managed with over 200 funds invested in various private equity stages and geographical areas. The funds are subscribed by European, US, Middle Eastern and Asian investors, including banks, insurance companies, pension funds, retirement pension funds, or family offices. Fondinvest Capital’s investors demonstrate high confidence and satisfaction in re-upping in the successor funds of funds. Fondinvest Capital is currently launching Fondinvest VII, a primary fund of funds, and Fondinvest VIII, a secondary fund.



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