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Invest for Children

About Invest for Children

Understand diversity and working towards integration. Invest for children (i4c) is a non-profit international organisation whose mission is to help disabled children and young adults achieve a better quality of life.

Invest for children wants a society that integrates diversity. These are some ways Invest for children applies VP:

• Increase social awareness by sending messages to promote integration through books, DVDs and press articles.
• Help other foundations generate recurring revenues and achieve notoriety.
• Provide support for employment integration initiatives.
• Connect foundations and businesses to promote social integration.
• Promote education as the cornerstone of a worthy future.
• Encourage intellectually disabled people to learn, enjoy and benefit from sport.
• Venture Capital Philanthropy, Private Capital, Public Benefit



Geographical Focus


Social Sector

Business and professional association, Children/Youth, Education, Health

Country and Regional Focus

Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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