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Interested in creating deeper societal impact? Learn more about our different types of membership. Discover the membership that fits your organisation best and find out how to become an EVPA member. 

EVPA offers three types of membership:

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Find out about EVPA's membership benefits below:

Associate membership

Associate membership is open to all organisations with a serious interest in venture philanthropy and/or social investment (VP/SI). All applicants initially join EVPA as Associate members.

Full membership

Full membership is reserved for organisations that have venture philanthropy or social investing as their significant strategic activity, meaning that:

  • they have capital to invest or assets under management
  • they have, as their main activity, the long-term funding of charities, social enterprises or similar social purpose organisations
  • they actively seek to maximise societal return, and make a credible effort to measure social value
  • they take an active role in capacity building and core development of the organisations they support 
  • they have a strong link with Europe (this includes but is not limited to being based in Europe or having a European office, a Europe-based fund, funding or Board).

Supporting member

Supporting membership is a special category open to  a wide range of organisations that want to help EVPA in our efforts to support leading European venture philanthropists, creating even more and greater societal impact.

Associate member: application process

  1. Associate membership applications are evaluated by EVPA’s Membership Committee and applicants are reviewed against the criteria set out in their application. EVPA aims to respond to applicants within one week of receiving their completed application. Prospective members can apply using the designated form at the bottom of the page.
  2. EVPA will review applications and organise a phone call with the applicant to go through the application and answer any questions. Please note that acceptance as a member is determined by EVPA’s membership committee at its discretion. Please allow ten business days to receive a response. An applicant can withdraw from the process at any time. The annual membership fee will only be requested after membership has been accepted.
  3. All applicants are required to sign EVPA’s Code of Conduct as well as its data policy treatment (included in the membership application).

Membership fees

EVPA members pay an annual fee based on their membership category. Membership fees apply to the calendar year (January to December) and membership renewals are paid in January each year.  

Member Fees

Full and Associate


Regular fee

*Average annual operating expenditure over € 200,000 or undisclosed

€ 2,800

Low fee

*Average annual operating expenditure up to € 200,000

€ 1,400

*Average annual expenditure refers to operational expenditures incurred each year such as salary, rent, marketing/communications etc.

Full and Associate Members pay fees in relation to their average annual operating expenditure

Special Member Fees


Academic Institution

€ 1,400

Supporting Member

€ 10,000

AVPN member discount

EVPA and its Asian counterpart the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) work together to grow the VP and social investing sector globally. To facilitate connection and interaction between European and Asian practitioners and interested parties, EVPA members enjoy a 50% discount when applying for AVPN membership and vice versa.


EVPA relies on generous support to provide valuable services to its members. Sponsorship levels are available for those who wish to support or host a specific event, to give to the Knowledge Center or to support EVPA’s core costs.


Contact for more info

Christina Wu , Community Manager, EVPA


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