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Thank you for your interest in EVPA membership. Membership applications are evaluated by the EVPA’s Membership Committee. Applicants are reviewed against the criteria set out in the application. EVPA aims to respond to applicants within 2-3 weeks of receiving their completed application. In order to ensure a fast processing of your application, please read the criteria of our various memberhip categories carefully:

Full membership is open to organisations whose primary activity is venture philanthropy and who:

Associate membership is open to organisations with a serious interest in venture philanthropy but for whom it is not their primary activity or who do not meet all the criteria for full membership.

Honorary membership is invitation-only from the EVPA Board, and may be offered to those individuals or organisations whom the Board believes can provide valuable insight and/or assistance in helping EVPA achieve its mission and goals.

All applicants are required to sign the EVPA’s published Code of Conduct (included in the membership application documents).

EVPA members pay an annual fee based on the membership category. Find out more about membership fees.