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Driving collaboration for societal impact

EVPA Corporate Initiative supports EVPA corporate - related members to be more efficient in solving pressing societal issues using the venture philanthropy and social investment approach.

How can corporates and their social impact vehicles further engage in collaboration to develop and scale tomorrow’s solutions to the most complex and pressing societal issues? 

Corporate social impact vehicles are uniquely positioned as a bridge between their corporation, social purpose organisations and other venture philanthropy and social investment players. By further collaborating with these stakeholders using the venture philanthropy (VP) and social investment (SI) toolkit, corporate social impact vehicles can play a key role in developing and scaling tomorrow’s societal solutions. Interestingly enough, this approach, going far beyond traditional philanthropy and CSR, also generates value for the  corporation’s “bottom line” thus creating shared value.

EVPA’s journey with corporates began in 2015 with the publication of our report, Corporate Social Impact Strategies – New paths for collaborative growth. In 2016, we ran a number of successful events that culminated with a half day event at Renault in Paris with over 100 guests to explore the role of strategically aligned corporate foundations, innovation in corporate social impact funds and how corporations can embed “social” into their DNA in order to create competitive advantage. This year we are building on that experience with the EVPA Corporate Initiative. 

What is the EVPA Corporate Initiative?

The EVPA Corporate Initiative brings together corporate foundations, social impact funds, accelerators and other socially-driven corporate entities in search of the most effective ways to maximise their societal impact by:

  • Better engaging with, collaborating and responding to societal purpose organisations’ needs;
  • Serving as innovation lab or accelerator enabling societal purpose organisations test, develop and scale societal solutions and when possible, find financially sustainable models;
  • Unlocking and leveraging the corporate assets (staff, brand, technology, etc.) to deliver greater societal impact at scale;
  • Building competitive advantage in terms of innovation sourcing, staff attraction and retention, brand recognition, licence to operate, access to new markets;
  • Collaborating with, invest in and learn from non-corporate VP/SI players.

We provide a range of activities, bespoke expert gatherings, workshops, webinars, frameworks, tool kits, case studies to enable EVPA corporate-related members to increase their societal impact with business relevance.

What’s on the agenda?

New strategies to support societal solutions: How can corporate foundations & impact funds act as game changers? 

Listen to the webinar recording and check out the key takeaways here.

Ignite, Centrica’s impact fund gathered EVPA’s members to join Ignite Showcase on 27 June at Centrica’s Head Office in Windsor in the UK. 

The participants had the unique opportunity to meet Ignite’s newest cohort of enterprises, network with social investors and meet with Ignite’s team!

Take a look at some of the pictures from this amazing event!

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20170627 151202
20170627 125348

An invitation only gathering of EVPA corporate-related members’ executives. We will meet to share best practices and issues openly, get challenged and connect with like-minded peers to prepare for even more societal change.

October 5th (late afternoon) and October 6th we will meet in Lisbon, Portugal! More info and agenda to be released soon!


A mapping exercise of venture philanthropy/social investment practices of our corporate members that you can use for inspiration and for better connecting with the EVPA community! The results will be communicated in form of a booklet with each member’s “ID card” and only accessible to EVPA community.

What about EVPA Corporate community ?

EVPA gathers around 40 corporate-related members from all industries and various European countries.

The EVPA Corporate Initiative is led by an advisory Task Group composed of engaged and pioneering practitioners and dedicated EVPA staff:

  • Steven Serneels, Investor SI2 Fund, EVPA board member, Chair of the Task Group
  • Mark Speich, CEO, Vodafone Institute for Society and Communication
  • Leslie Johnston, Executive Director, C&A Foundation
  • Sam Salisbury, Investment Principle, Ignite-Centrica
  • Olivier de Guerre, CEO, Phi Trust
  • Bernard Uyttendaele, CEO, EVPA
  • Daniel Rostrup, Director of Business Development, EVPA 
  • Sandra Naigeon de Boer, Corporate Initiative Manager, EVPA

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Why joining us?

By joining our growing community of corporate-related members, you will:

  • Lead the movement towards getting more corporates and their social impact vehicles involved in innovative VP/SI practices;
  • Enhance your own programmes by learning from a community that shares best practices as well as lessons from failures;
  • Learn from and get inspired by advanced practitioners with hands-on experience in the field;
  • Meet like-minded peers you can collaborate with;
  • Access resources, case studies, benchmarks and tools.

Related information

EVPA’s report on “Corporate Social Impact Strategies – New paths for Collaborative Growth” exploring the strategies and success stories of corporate players using social investment practices to support societal solutions.

“Corporate social impact vehicles are in that unique spot to bridge the gap between the corporate, for-profit world, and the social impact world, acting as intermediary vehicles exploring social-business innovations, relevant for both business and society.” 

Steven Serneels’ interviewInvestor SI2 Fund, EVPA board member, Chair of the EVPA Corporate Initiative’s Task Group 

Previous events and webinars


Contact for more info

Sandra Naigeon de Boer , Corporate Initiative Manager


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