European Venture Philanthropy Association

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Why join EVPA


EVPA is a network to share knowledge and develop best practice among European VP experts, enhancing the building of the industry. Our members are entitled to a large variety of benefits, from access to premier events in the venture philanthropy industry, to research and learning opportunities. Moreover, in 2014 EVPA signed a 4-year Partnership Agreement with the European Commission in application of the new financial Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). This will add a complementary value to its network’s mission and activities, reinforcing the link between European institutions and practitioners.


We connect: Throughout the year we organise a number of events where you can connect, share best practice and learn from others in the network. Our main event is the Annual Conference which yearly attracts around 500+ delegates, including social investors, donors, foundations, private equity organisations, advisory firms, private banks, academic institutions and some selected social entrepreneurs.

As an EVPA member you benefit from a reduced participation fee and two free spaces for the Annual Conference (as part of the early bird offer). Country seminars bring together members from one country as well as other organisations interested in venture philanthropy.


We build an understanding of the sector: At EVPA we see venture philanthropy not only as a mere “tool” for philanthropic activities but as an emerging industry, with an entire support system around it, including advisory service firms and business school programmes specialised in venture philanthropy. As venture philanthropy continues to grow, the industry-building role of the association becomes increasingly important. We have established a Code of Conduct, setting out a set of principles aimed at developing the highest professional standards for the EVPA community where members can learn from each other in an atmosphere of transparency, humility and mutual respect.

The EVPA Knowledge Centre is the hub for knowledge and thought leadership on venture philanthropy – in Europe and beyond. It conducts thorough research and produces reports on practices in venture philanthropy. Furthermore, the EVPA Knowledge Centre website has a database of over 200 external publications on the key topics in venture philanthropy.
Furthermore, each year we conduct a survey on the VP industry in Europe. This gives us a unique insight into the development of the industry and   the key trends in the recent evolution of the eco-system.


EVPA helps new and growing VP organisations by providing access to role models that show how it can be done and so provide encouragement“,
Stephen Dawson, co- founder of EVPA


We provide learning opportunities

EVPA members have the unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of an experienced VP organisation as part of the site visits. Site visits are for members only.

The Training Academy programs different courses throughout the year which members could attend at a special discount rate. It offers practical guidance and thus fosters the societal impact of both social investors and the social purpose organisations they support. The objective is to offer access to organised learning opportunities to advance the professionalisation of the sector.

EVPA offers a limited number of scholarships for its members covering the travel costs and the training fee.

Today a number of thematic groups are active around the themes of health, employment, one with a geographic focus on Africa and gender.


We promote: We are keen on increasing the knowledge about venture philanthropy and make people aware of the great achievements in the sector. We look at promoting the use of VP tools by an increasing number of practitioners, also in new markets. We reach out to interested new players and encourage current practitioners to become more active in the space.


We inspire guidelines and regulations: As the sector evolves, more players are entering the field, including the European Commission, that has launched the Social Business Initiative in 2011 and which has recently resulted in the development of the European Social Entrepreneurship Fund (EuSEF) regime. EuSEF allows the creation of European social entrepreneurship funds with an EU passport, which means that it will be possible to sell them to qualified investors all around the EU. EVPA and its members have provided valuable input in the process through their participation in the GECES2, the EU expert group on social business.


If you would like to apply for membership, please download the relevant application form.

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