Anne Holm Rannaleet

Trustee and Executive Director, IKARE Ltd

About Anne Holm Rannaleet

Anne Holm Rannaleet is a Trustee and Executive Director of IK Aid and Relief Enterprise Ltd (IKARE Ltd), a venture philanthropy operated charity, and Senior Advisor in Public Affairs to IK Investment Partners Ltd, a leading European private equity firm.

Ms. Rannaleet is part of the team that built IK since its inception in 1989 and retired as Partner in January 2008. She previously worked in the investment bank SEB/Enskilda Fondkommission in Stockholm and for the Finance Department of Atlas Copco AB, as well as for Peugeot Sweden. Ms. Rannaleet holds an MSc. (Econ.) in International Economics from the University of Uppsala. She is a member of the Responsible Investment Roundtable of Invest Europe, the ESMA Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group and serves on the Swedish Securities Council.

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