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This publication combines the learnings and experiences of practitioners across Europe and the results of several years of EVPA research, giving you access to everything you need to know about setting up and running a VP organisation or social impact investment fund.

This Guide is useful for anyone wanting to understand the venture philanthropy approach, and/or start their own venture philanthropy or social impact investment fund.

In order to make the report easy to incorporate in your everyday practice, we’ve designed an online tool to help you navigate the report and find information relevant to you, no matter what stage of development or phase in the investment process you are in. You can access the page here.

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EVPA welcomes feedback on this publication. You can share your thoughts and suggestions by emailing our Research Manager Priscilla Boiardi or our Research and Policy Director Lisa Hehenberger.

EVPA is very grateful to all those members who have shared their insights, successes, failures and learnings with the wider community of VP/SI practitioners, in particular Deirdre Mortell, Pieter Oostlander and Luciano Balbo, three practitioners who wrote the first edition and have been instrumental in shaping this updated Guide.

© This report is freely downloadable. Should you want to add it to your website, please link to this webpage, instead of publishing the pdf itself.

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  • Luciano Balbo
  • Priscilla Boiardi
  • Lisa Hehenberger
  • Deirdre Mortell
  • Pieter Oostlander
  • Elena Vittone

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