Honorary members

Honorary members
Honoring extraordinary individuals of the Investing for Impact ecosystem

Honorary membership of EVPA is an honor granted by the EVPA Board to individuals who have made a significant and sustained contribution to EVPA and/or to the development of the Investing for Impact ecosystem.

Meet our honorary members

Today the honorary members consist of our five founding trustees (Luciano Balbo, Stephen Dawson, Michiel de Haan, Doug Miller and Serge Raicher) and three other honorary members (Pieter Oostlander, John Kingston and David Carrington).

Guidelines of the honorary membership

  • The honorary members receive the normal priviliges of EVPA membership without needing to pay the annual fee.
  • This recognition is permanent but the honorary members need to abide by the EVPA code of conduct and follow the principles in the Charter of Investors for Impact. Any violation of these guidelines will lead to the Board revoking the status of honorary member.
  • Former Board Members of EVPA cannot be granted the status of Honorary members for 24 months after leaving their Board position.

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