CEE Fund Support Programme

CEE Fund Support Programme

EVPA and CEE Fund Support Programme enable the individual and institutional investors to contribute to the development of  VP/SI funds in the region.

Through this program, launched in 2016, EVPA facilitates the development of pilot VP/SI funds in the region. We are mobilising individual and institutional investors to co-invest in the process of development of the funds and in the actual fund vehicles created at the country level.

All funds aim at providing early stage investment (50 – 250k EUR), the “missing middle” gap in the funding landscape. Hence, the CEE Fund Support Programme is fitting in the market needs as well as provide an attracting opportunity for local investors to experience VP/SI in practice, so that they can continue with their engagement in building new funds and VP/SI initiatives.

To encourage the local players to engage, we provide them with an opportunity to access a matching fund (currently 1 million USD) that is offered on a 3 : 1 matching basis (i.e. local organizations raise 750k USD, the investor offers 250k USD).

So far, we have supported the development of a first initiative in Bosnia & Herzegovina: the Mozaik Social Impact Fund. They raised 750k USD which was matched with 250k USD through the programme.

Currently we are in discussion with the following countries about setting up VP/SI pilot funds: Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. 

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Ewa Konczal , Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Manager, EVPA

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