February 19, 2021

Active and Assisted Living Programme: Advancing inclusive health & care solutions for ageing well in the new decade

Main purpose: The aim of the AAL Programme is to improve the autonomy, participation in social life, skills, and employability of older adults by providing innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)/digital- based solutions. These solutions, whether they are products, systems or services, aim to enhance the older adults’ quality of life, to improve the long-term sustainability of health and care systems, and to strengthen the industrial base in Europe and internationally.

The call would like to stress three elements, namely an inclusive health & care approach (health prevention, preservation of physical & mental health, social participation), the stimulation and upscaling of innovation in active & healthy ageing through health & care eco-systems and the accessibility of digital solutions to end users, e.g through education for greater e-literacy.

The smart solutions for healthy ageing funded under the AAL Programme should be designed to address the respective wishes/aspirations and needs identified by end-users as well as being both transnational and collaborative with a cost-sharing approach between private and public funding.

Programme: AAL Programme

Institution: DG CONNECT

Deadline: 21/05/2021

Budget: 21,019,900 EUR

Financing type: Grant

Who is eligible: Consortium composition of at least 3 independent eligible organisations (legal entities), from at least 3 different AAL Partner States participating in the Call for Proposals. Consortia must include at least one business partner (“Role” in the project). Consortia must include at least one eligible SME partner which can be the business partner. Consortia must include at least one eligible end-user organisation. Two types of projects will be funded, Collaborative Projectsand Small Collaborative Projects, and funding is subject to the state in which the project is implemented.

CONTACT: call@aal-europe.eu

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