September 23, 2021

Affordable Housing Initiative – SMP-COSME-2021-HOUS-01

Main purpose: The EU seeks to support the capacity building efforts of consortia that aim to support SMEs, including social enterprises, to collaborate with public authorities and (social) housing providers, in order to implement renovation projects targeting social and affordable housing, to upskill and reskill and integrate the latest digital, environmental and social innovative solutions targeting social and affordable housing and district renovation, and identify technology needs and developments. The consortium will facilitate collaboration, networking, knowledge transfer and exchanges of best practices between SMEs / social enterprises and public authorities and (social) housing providers. In addition, the consortium shall disseminate successful projects, identify opportunities and overcome challenges to the renovation of social and affordable housing districts. It shall also provide recommendations for sustainable financing, and better regulation and standards to facilitate the provision and renovation of social and affordable housing.

More information about this opportunity can be found here.

Programme: Single Market Programme

Institution: European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA)

Deadline: October 20, 2021

Budget: EUR 1,200,000

Project duration: 24 to 36 months (extensions are possible, if duly justified and through an amendment)

Financing type: Action grant

Who is eligible: Investors that operate in at least five different eligible countries qualify to be part of the consortium. The consortium must consist of at least have five entities and at least have one entity active in each of the following areas: housing policy, social housing, construction, renewable energy, public sector, and finance.

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