February 24, 2022

Call for proposals to provide training for health workforce, including digital skills (EU4H-2022-PJ-06)

Financing type: Action grant

Main objective: The objective of this action is to strengthen the continuous professional development and training through updated or new training courses developed in co-operation with professional associations, education centres and other relevant organisations. This will provide opportunities for up-skilling or re-skilling, taking full advantage of technological developments in line with the EU Pact for Skills (e.g., training will include relevant modules on digital skills).


Expected results and impact:

  1. newly designed European training modules for health workforce (physically or online) and their implementation; at least 1 module for general medicine, at least 3 modules for specialists professionals, at least 4 modules for nurses, at least 2 modules for non-clinical staff working in health systems or health authorities;
  2. at least seven specific modules to train trainers
  3. improving the digital skills of health workforce as part of patient care; d) developing micro-credentials as appropriate in skills for healthcare.
  4. refining the current educational model to adapt the health workforce skills for surge demand in crisis.

This action will impact on the skills underpinning quicker recovery and transition to more resilient health systems. It will also have an impact on:

  1. organisational change, improvement of workload and teamwork, especially in surge capacity;
  2. the implementation of the Pact for Skills initiative through provision of training opportunities to upskill and reskill especially in digital skills in healthcare.

Who is eligible:

  • Academia and educational establishments
  • European association of healthcare professionals
  • Trade Unions
  • Civil society organisations (associations, foundations, NGOs and similar entities) and Member States’ authorities

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