September 06, 2019

EaSI Guarantee Instrument

Objective: increase access to finance for social enterprises, micro-enterprises and vulnerable groups wishing to launch their own enterprises

Type: (counter-) guarantee facility

Beneficiaries: financial intermediaries in the field of microfinance or social entrepreneurship - in respect of Social Entrepreneurship (Counter-)Guarantees provided under the Facility: financial institutions, guarantee schemes, guarantee institutions, foundations, family offices, social investment funds or other institutions duly authorised to provide loans/guarantees or risk-sharing structures according to the applicable legislation;.


Microfinance: portfolios of micro-loans up to €25,000

Social entrepreneurship: portfolios of debt financing products up to €500,000

Deadline(s): 30 September 2023

Institution: European Investment Fund

Programme: EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI)

For further information and to apply, visit the webpage.

For an overview of the instrument, access the leaflet for financial intermediaries.

  • Soria Futuro: investment of EUR 1.6m in social enterprises in the Spanish province of Soria
  • TISE: social finance deal in Poland with EUR 8 million

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