June 16, 2020

Information, consultation and participation of representatives of undertakings (Call for proposals VP/2020/008)


  1. to promote transnational cooperation between social partners in one, or any combination of, the following areas:
    1. supporting worker involvement in the anticipation and management of change and the prevention and resolution of disputes in the event of various forms of restructuring in Union scale undertakings, as well as developments in the context of outsourcing, subcontracting, digitalisation/ artificial intelligence/ automation and new forms of work,
    2. support worker involvement in designing and implementing measures to address the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on the labour force, e.g. short term working, lay-offs.
  2. to promote exchange and wider dissemination of knowledge and good practices and to launch actions aimed at supporting the setting up and good functioning of transnational information, consultation and participation mechanisms and bodies;
  3. to promote transnational cooperation between social partners to enhance worker involvement in actions within companies to implement the European Green Deal;

Programme: 2020 annual work programme for grants and procurement for DG EMPL prerogatives and specific competencies

Institution: EUROPEAN COMMISSION - Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion DG

Deadline: 03/08/2020

Budget: EUR 7,100,000 in total

Financing type: Grants between EUR 200,000 and EUR 400,000

Who is eligible:

Legal entities. *the organisations of social partners without legal personality under the applicable national law are also eligible provided that the conditions of the Financial Regulation related thereto are met;

Representative of workers or employers.

(i) for workers: applicants may be works councils or similar bodies ensuring the general representation of workers; regional, national, European, sectoral or multi-sectoral trade unions;

(ii) for employers: applicants may be the management of undertakings, organisations representing employers at regional, national, European, sectoral or multi-sectoral level;

Actions may involve consortia. In the case of proposals not submitted by a European-level workers' or employers' organisation, the action must involve co-applicants, affiliated entities or associate organisations from more than one Member State or Candidate Country.

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