May 10, 2022

InvestEU: Climate and Infrastructure Funds – call for expression of interest

Financing type: Equity investments

Programme: InvestEU

Institution: EIF

Deadline: 30 June 2022 (ongoing selection, on a first come first served basis)

Main objective

  • Under InvestEU Climate & Infrastructure, the EIF will make investments that aim to make a relevant contribution to the EU Green Deal by investing through funds in greenfield/brownfield backbone infrastructure and industrial ecosystems in energy, transport, environment, digital connectivity, space and social infrastructure.
  • The Climate & Infrastructure product shall support intermediated interventions through equity investments in funds (including funds-of-funds), special purpose vehicles, in any form (including managed accounts and other types of contractual arrangements).

Who is eligible

  • This CEoI is addressed and restricted to interested parties, including but not limited to, investment funds, fundof-funds, in any form (including managed accounts and other types of contractual arrangements), special purpose vehicles, in any form, established or to be established, and that may only invest in funds seeking equity-level returns by deploying capital through equity and quasi-equity instruments (including subordinated debt and mezzanine instruments) excluding entities targeting buy-out (or replacement capital) intended for asset stripping.
  • Parties may qualify to become financial intermediaries as further specified in the Annex II to the CEoI.

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