April 27, 2022

InvestEU Equity products: Call for expression of interest

Deadline: 30/06/2027

Ongoing selection, on a first come first served basis

Financing type: Equity investment / co-investment

Programme: InvestEU

Institution: European Investment Fund (EIF)

Main objective: Under InvestEU Equity, the EIF will provide equity investments and co-investments to, or alongside, funds in the areas of venture capital (including business angels), private equity and private credit (including fund-of-funds and cross-over funds) that pursue generalist, specialised or mixed investment strategies. Funds should be targeting one or more of the thematic and/or horizontal policy priorities in their objectives (Horizontal policy priorities Equity products – calls for expression of interest (eif.org)

Who is eligible:

In order to be considered for InvestEU Equity selection, all financial intermediaries, including the managers thereof, shall:

  • represent that they are not in any of the Exclusion Situations, as further described in the relevant Annexes.
  • comply with relevant international and EU standards and legislation, as applicable, on the prevention of money laundering, the fight against terrorism, tax fraud, tax evasion and artificial arrangements aiming at tax avoidance and shall not perform any illegal activities, and
  • not be established in a Non-Compliant Jurisdiction unless the operation is physically implemented in the relevant Non-Compliant Jurisdiction and does not present any indication that it supports actions that contribute to Targeted Activities under the EIB Group NCJ Policy18
  • not be subject to Restrictive Measures as defined in the relevant AnnexeEIF will provide (Counter-) Guarantees to selected Financial Intermediaries through the InvestEU Portfolio

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