September 23, 2021

Local Green Deals – SMP-COSME-2021-RESILIENCE-LGD

Main purpose: The EU aims to support SMEs and companies in the transition to a climate-neutral and more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive society. The Single Market Programme provides this support by means of funding projects that boost transnational and cross-border cooperation among local administrations, like cities, and local businesses to co-create, co-design and deliver local efforts towards climate-neutrality; “Local Green Deals”. To coordinate these actions networks must be formed and more comprehensive business models and governance structures be developed. These new structures will need to reflect diverse priorities, including the local challenges, culture, heritage, employment base, skills and competencies already present within the local areas.

To qualify for the funding programme, projects must at least address one of the following principles:

  • Governance: new integrated governance and management structures.
  • Integrated goals: an assessment of strategies and policies to ensure these align.
  • Collaborative partnerships: a multi-stakeholder approach.
  • Action: an approach that leads to collaboration agreements and delivers action.

And at least support the following activities:

  • At a transnational level; capacity building, brining stakeholders together, and exchanging good practices.
  • At a local level; creating local cooperation between stakeholders formally concluded in agreements.
  • Actions that co-design creative practices and solutions on the green transition of the local economy.

An example of impact that can be generated with the help of this grant; is an increase in the number of local organisations that are aware of the EU- and other forms of financial support to expand their business internationally, and how these organisations can establish contracts with such investors.

More information about this opportunity can be found here.

Programme: Single Market Programme

Institution: European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA)

Deadline: November 24, 2021

Budget: EUR 2,000,000 (maximum EUR 200,000 per project)

Project duration: 12 or 18 or 24 months (extensions are possible, if duly justified and through an amendment).

Financing type: Action grant

Who is eligible: Both public and private sector entities are eligible. Applicants must apply in consortia (except if the applicant is a network organisation) of at least two local public administrations from different eligible countries, and at least one business related organisation such as a social enterprise.

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