August 14, 2020

Skills & Education Guarantee Pilot


  • Overall: to stimulating investments in education, training and skills – as part of the solution to get more people into jobs and to better respond to the European economy’s changing needs. Investments in skills contribute to growth, competitiveness and social convergence, while addressing the challenges linked to digital transformations and the transition to a carbon-free economy.
  • Specific:
    • supporting individuals in education attainment and skills upgrade by unlocking access to finance to cover educational / skills gap in Europe resulting from – inter alia - societal and technological transformation of the European economy; the S&E Pilot will also support students and learners pursuing educational programmes in a different Member State other than the one of residency of the individual (mobility);
    • facilitating the skills transformation efforts pursued by the European enterprises by providing finance for improving the skills and skills utilisation of their workforce’s skills set, thereby contributing to the increase of enterprise competiveness and productivity while achieving job preservation of the employed;
    • enhancing access to finance to European organisations active in the field of skills, training and education or developing projects in the education field with the objective of significantly improving the ecosystem of the supply of education, training and skills-related services.

Programme: supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)

Institution: European Investment Fund (EIF)

Deadline: 31/10/2020.

Financing type: free-of-charge first-loss capped Guarantees and Counter-Guarantees to selected Financial Intermediaries using the EU's contribution

Who is eligible as financial intermediary: This Open Call for Expression of Interest is addressed and restricted to Financial Intermediaries established and / or operating in one or more of the Participating Countries.

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