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EU Webinar #11 | Fostering public private collaboration to address social issues: what can we learn from successful initiatives across Europe?

During the 11th EU webinar, we will be talking about the topic of Public Private Collaboration. We have mapped initiatives across Europe where joint efforts from the public and private sector are being brought together in order to tackle social issues.

We have identified 14 initiatives across Europe that are approaching public private collaboration in different ways with a varied range of objectives: 

  • informing public policy;
  • improve efficiency of social services;
  • build ecosystems for social innovation.

We invite you to join the webinar to find out more about public private partnerships in Europe.

The discussion, lessons learnt and feedback from this webinar will help inform and shape the final report that we will publish in early 2018, focused on the learnings from existing Public Private Collaboration initiatives in Europe. 

You can register here.

Meet the speakers

Antonio Miguel

Antonio Miguel - Maize-Decoding Impact, Portugal

Antonio Miguel is the Managing Director of the Maize-Decoding Impact, a Lisbon-based social investment intermediary that implements financial and non-financial mechanisms to unlock capital towards social change in Portugal.

Celia Tennant

Celia Tennant - Inspiring Scotland, United Kingdom

Bex Evans

Bex Evans - Social Finance UK, currently seconded to SafeLives, United Kingdom

Hannah Goldie

Hannah Goldie - Social Finance UK, United Kingdom

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