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15/11 - 16/11

Financing for Social Impact

How to tailor an Impact Investing strategy in the most efficient way.

If you are interested in learning how to choose the most suitable financial instrument(s) to support a SPO in a more efficient way, then EVPA in collaboration with France Active has designed the perfect course for your needs. This training is based on the latest report that EVPA published, “Financing for Social Impact: The key role of Tailored Financing and Hybrid Finance”, which is warmly welcomed in the sector and portrays how tailored financing can lead to more sustainable and stronger SPOs.

If you are interested in:

·         getting a better understanding of the financial instruments (FIs)  - grants, debt, equity - available to fund social purpose organisations (SPOs)

·         acquiring practical knowledge on how to use them to match your goals as venture philanthropy organisations and social investors (VPO/SIs) with the needs of SPOs

·         learning how to tailor the financial support you provide to maximise the social impact generated

Then, this training is an excellent choice for you because it will look at both the characteristics of the investors and the financial needs of their potential grantees/investees to assess pros and cons of each FI in order to select the ones that are the most suitable, based on the business model and the stage of development of the SPOs. You will have the chance to meet practitioners with a long experience in the sector who will present real-life case studies in an active and dynamic manner to enhance your learning.

Watch here EVPA’s webinar designed to present an overview of our report, and get a first idea on what you will learn in the classroom. 

Who should attend?

The programme primarily targets investment managers of organisations that invest capital to sustain social innovation as venture philanthropy and social investment organisations, including as an example social impact and impact investing funds, grant-making foundations and private investors. The training is open also to other professionals interested in the topic, provided that they have at least a basic knowledge of financial analysis, in order to allow them make the most of the two-day course.

Please note that this course will not address the practical technicalities linked to the design of FIs in specific countries.

Registration and Deadlines

  • Registrations: 31/10/2018. You can register here. Places are limited, so be sure to book your place as soon as possible.
  • Scholarships: 31/10/2018. Some scholarships are available for EVPA members who cannot afford the course fee. Please find here all the information on how to apply.

Don’t forget that EVPA members have priority access to trainings and pay 50% of regular fees.

More information

Find more information on EVPA.

Should you have more inquiries, please send an email to trainingacademy@evpa.eu.com 

Download the course leaflet here.

Meet the speakers

Alessia Gianoncelli

Alessia Gianoncelli - EVPA, Belgium

Alessia is EVPA’s Research Manager. She re-joined EVPA in August 2016 as Research Associate after having previously worked as Research and Policy Analyst and as Project Analyst.

Clémentine Blazy

Clémentine Blazy - France Active, France

Clémentine is the Head of Investment Team in France Active.

Roxana Damaschin-Tecu

Roxana Damaschin-Tecu - NESsT, Romania

Roxana is the Director of Portfolio in NESsT. She leads the NESsT portfolio of social enterprises worldwide and oversees the portfolio’s benchmarking impact. She is responsible for managing the development of NESsT’s methodology, as well as its validation and build to scale and performance measurement tools.

Xavier Thauron

Xavier Thauron - Phi Trust, France

Xavier Thauron has a 25 years experience in private equity after five years as SME banker, first in charge of growth capital in the PE structure of the French Banque Populaire Group where he was sponsor of the European Business and Innovation Network (EBN), then Head of Risks at Natixis Private Equity with a large diversified and international portfolio in Europe, Brazil, India and China.

Espen Daae

Espen Daae - Ferd Social Entrepreneurs, Norway

Espen works for Ferd Social Entrepreneurs as Portfolio Manager and Business Developer. He has extensive experience of venture capital and consultancy in the areas of renewable energy and biotechnology, as well as experience in Corporate Finance and business development.

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