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Webcast: Sustainability Watch


Webcast: Sustainability Watch

Webcast sustainability watch website

COVID-19 has evoked another discussion around the urgency of businesses to address major social challenges. But are market-based solutions alone sufficient to address global challenges, like this pandemic? Front-running companies in Europe started to realise that they need to go further than that. They also pursue impact-based strategies through corporate social investors, like corporate foundations, impact funds, or impact accelerators.

Why these companies do so and what the benefits are from combining market-based and impact-based strategies, will be the central theme of this webcast. The European Venture Philanthropy Association’s will share insights from their community of 70+ corporate social investors. We also hear from leading practitioners how the partnership between corporate social investor and company works in practice to create both social and business value.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spectrum of corporate impact strategies
  • Opportunities for companies to strategically align with corporate social investors
  • Different approaches to pursue corporate social investment





Opening remarks: Scene setting on why companies are moving towards building sustainable and inclusive brands.

Introduction into what corporate social investing is, how it can help catalyse companies to move further on their journey, and sketches the European landscape.

Practitioner – A CSI explains how they work together with the company. The focus is on the business and the social case of corporate social investing.




Closing remarks

Meet the speakers

Steven Serneels

Steven Serneels - EVPA

Steven is CEO of EVPA and chair of EVPA’s Corporate Initiative. During his career, he has been working over 20 years with both executive teams of corporates to reshape their strategies towards an inclusive business, and social entreprises, to create impact at scale.

Dr. Uwe G. Schulte

Dr. Uwe G. Schulte - The Conference Board

Dr. Uwe G. Schulte is Leader, Global Sustainability Centre, and Program Director for the European Sustainability Council at The Conference Board.

Annette Jung

Annette Jung - Philips Foundation

Annette is the Managing Head of Philips Capital Southern Europe & Africa for Royal Philips. She has a background in banking and helds various senior functions in customer, export & project financing at Deutsche Bank and Philips, covering various industries. Annette is a founding member of Philips Capital and since August 2017 she leads the Southern Europe & Africa team. She is also the representing Philips Capital in the “Captives Forum”, an Industry Association of global finance captives.


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