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Investments that change the world: impact investment conference in Poland


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Investments that change the world: impact investment conference in Poland

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EVPA with its partners in Poland invites you to join the conference on impact investments and workshops with practitioners of impact investing.

If you are an individual interested in engaging in impact investing as an investor, or you represent private or corporate foundation seeking for more effectiveness in allocating your resources – THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU.

Can we address social challenges with traditional investment approach? Can social change be achieved alongside financial return? What is continuum of capital – from philanthropic, through debt and equity – and how they can be applied to address the gaps in addressing social, economic and environmental challenges?

Meet the practitioners of venture philanthropy and pioneers of impact investing approach in Europe. Learn about the experiences of impact investment funds from Italy, Germany and France and venture philanthropists from Poland. Among other speakers you will hear from:

  • Luciano Balbo, the founder and CEO of Oltre Venture, a first impact investment fund in Italy
  • Clementine Blazy, Head of Investment Team at France Active
  • Robert Manz, Senior Advisor to Enterprise Investors and co-founder of Valores, the first Polish venture philanthropy fund.

Here you can see the entire agenda.

Next to the main programme of the conference on 10 October (10.00 - 14.00), you can subscribe to two workshops with international speakers (15.00 - 17.00). Please choose the right ticket while registering for the conference.

10 October 2019, 10.00 – 14.00 - conference and 15.00 - 17.00 - workshops

Przestrzeń Facebook, Warszawa


*the Conference will be conducted in both Polish and English. We do not provide translation to any of the languages.

More information: Ewa Konczal, CEE Manager - ekonczal@evpa.eu.com.


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