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Webinar: The Charter of Investors for Impact: What do we stand for?


Webinar: The Charter of Investors for Impact: What do we stand for?

During its 15th Annual Conference in The Hague, EVPA launched the Charter of investors for impact. With the Charter, EVPA builds on last year’s research on impact strategies to define who investors for impact are exactly and what drives them. This Charter also serves as a basis to communicate to a broader audience the DNA of investors for impact and enhance the dissemination of the tools and practices of venture philanthropy.

On the 29th of January, EVPA hosted a webinar to dive into the content of the Charter and understand the main features of investing for impact. During this webinar, EVPA showed a new and interactive version of the Charter, and three speakers with an extensive knowledge on investing for impact presented the principles of the Charter and how they are endorsed in practice. Participants had the opportunity to take part to the discussion and ask questions to the speakers.

Webinar Recording and Slides

Download slides here

Meet the speakers

Karen Hitschke

Karen Hitschke - Yunus Social Business

Karen Hitschke is Managing Director and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Yunus Social Business. She has extensive expertise and experience in fund structuring, early stage investing, and fundraising.

Pieter Oostlander

Pieter Oostlander - SI² Fund

Pieter Oostlander is the founder of shærpa and was appointed Fund Manager when SI² Fund and shærpa merged in 2015. Pieter has been active in the social investment sector since 2004.

Holly Piper

Holly Piper - CAF Venturesome

Holly is the head of CAF Venturesome, which is the social investment arm of the Charities Aid Foundation. CAF Venturesome is one of the most established and active players in the UK social investment market.

Alessia Gianoncelli

Alessia Gianoncelli - EVPA

With almost a decade of experience in the social investment space, Alessia is the Head of Knowledge, Community and Market Development at EVPA. As part of her role, she is responsible for research activities, content development, data collection, community engagement and market building.

Gianluca Gaggiotti

Gianluca Gaggiotti - EVPA

Gianluca Gaggiotti is Research Manager at EVPA, where he is directly involved in several research activities, with a specific focus on data analysis and content development of several research-related initiatives.

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