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Presente e futuro dell’impact investing (in Italian)


Presente e futuro dell’impact investing (in Italian)

Webinar EVPA EBN Impact investing from talking to doing 20200914

This webinar is part of a series “Impact Investing: dal dire al fare” (translation: ‘’Impact Investing: from saying to doing’’) hosted by the Italian EU|BIC AR-TER. This webinar series of six online sessions will present facts and figures, business models and investment strategies, and actors of the Italian impact investing ecosystem, in conversation with its protagonists and their business support actors.

During this first session, EBN and EVPA will shed light on the European dimension of the impact investment sector. We will present how Business Support Organisations (BSOs) and impact investors can contribute together to shaping a more inclusive, impact-oriented, sustainable, and environmental-friendly entrepreneurial ecosystem. The two networks specifically aim to mobilise their Italian members to join the initiative and take part in the “Reverse Pitching” sessions of the webinar series.

Draft agenda:

Introduce Chiara Davalli, EBN

  • Investing for impact - Alessia Gianoncelli, EVPA
  • Il valore sociale degli investimenti - Federico Mento, Social Value Italia
  • Il mercato della finanza di impatto in Italia - Mario Calderini, TIRESIA

Q&A modera Kristian Mancinone, ART-ER

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Meet the speakers

Chiara Davalli

Chiara Davalli - EBN

Chiara Davalli is a Senior Project Leader at EBN responsible for delivering EU and non-EU projects. She is also manager of the Social Impact Special Interest Group (SIG). Chiara joined the EBN team in April 2010. At EBN, she initially assisted the Quality & Technical Assistance Department for two years before joining the EU projects team where she is now in charge of the following projects: INNO INDIGO, SCHIP, COMPASS, INCOBRA and ENRICH in Brazil.

Alessia Gianoncelli

Alessia Gianoncelli - EVPA

Alessia Gianoncelli is Head of the Knowledge Centre at EVPA, where she is responsible for research activities, content development and data collection. She also leads the EVPA initiative “Foundations Along the Spectrum of Capital” in collaboration with the European Foundation Centre (EFC), and is EVPA’s liaison with the International Venture Philanthropy Center (IVPC) to strengthen the social impact ecosystem in Latin America and Africa.

Federico Mento

Federico Mento - Ashoka Italia

Mario Calderini

Mario Calderini - Tiresia

Mario Calderini, a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Manchester, is full Professor at Politecnico di Milano, School of Management, where he teaches Social Innovation. He is the Director of Alta Scuola Politecnica and Executive Vice President of Fondazione Politecnico. He is the Director of Tiresia, the Politecnico di Milano School of Management’s Research Centre for Impact Finance and Innovation.

Kristian Mancinone

Kristian Mancinone - ART-ER

Kristian Mancinone works in ART-ER to develop social innovation projects and policies within the framework of Smart Specialization Strategy (S3). Previously he was involved in activity related to education and training of students and researchers and startup development.


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