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SOCAP20 Virtual

19/10 - 23/10 2020

SOCAP20 Virtual

About SOCAP20

Our interconnectedness is more apparent than ever. This year will lay the foundation for a new decade in impact investing and inclusive economic growth. Our current global health crisis underscores the need for business to play a positive role in society and create innovative market-based solutions. Impact investors can and should lead the way in the movement toward an inclusive and sustainable economy. Real structural change is required. Rethinking and reframing is a must and demands bold and courageous narrative change as well as expanding and strengthening cross-sector partnerships. How will the SOCAP community–and beyond–move forward with increased urgency, flexibility, and vulnerability to harness the human spirit of resilience, hope, and adaptation in the name of real, equitable change?

With this backdrop, SOCAP Virtual presents themes for 2020. This can never be an exhaustive list, and it is not yet final. We want to hear from the community about what is top of mind for you. What conversations must be had this year to deepen our commitment to building a just and inclusive economy? These themes range from the meta-level to the specific. Often they overlap and intertwine.

More information on the agenda here


GlobalVP Networks session

EVPA and its sister organisations will be organising a session Driving “Radical Change” Around the World by Mobilizing Social Investors in the Global South on 20 October at 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CEST/Brussels time)

Session description: A movement is underway in the Global South to foster radical change by equipping investors to become active agents of social impact This session examines how the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network of India, the African Venture Philanthropy Alliance, and Latimpacto work closely with their sister networks in Europe and across Asia to leverage effective North-South and South-South collaboration exploring how the connection’s potential can be optimized to create significant, enduring social impact.

Session speakers:

  • Carolina Suarez, CEO, Latimpacto
  • Paul Carttar, Partner, IVPC
  • Frank Aswani, CEO, AVPA
  • Steven Serneels, Chair, EVPA
  • Naina Subberwal Batra, Chairperson and CEO, AVPN

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