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How to make “sustainability” profitable? - Investing for impact Webinar Series for CEE


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How to make “sustainability” profitable? - Investing for impact Webinar Series for CEE

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Learn about different impact investment strategies and why there is no choice to be made between profits and positive impact

This webinar was the first session of the series "Investing for impact Webinar Series for CEE" -click here for more information about the webinar series.


What is this webinar about?

In this introductory webinar we will cover megatrends which has influenced the biggest change in the financial sector in decades. We will look at these changes related to sustainable and impact investing growth rates, systemizing different investment strategies and become familiar with different motivations that stand behind social investors. Experienced practitioners of venture philanthropy and impact investment will share their perspectives on the development of impact space in our region and practices from the field.

Webinar Recording

Meet the speakers

Robert Manz

Robert Manz

Robert has spent the last 30 years in the private equity industry in Central & Eastern Europe (“CEE”).

Espen Daae

Espen Daae - Ferd Social Entrepreneurs

Espen works for Ferd Social Entrepreneurs as Portfolio Manager and Business Developer. He has extensive experience of venture capital and consultancy in the areas of renewable energy and biotechnology, as well as experience in Corporate Finance and business development.

Stanisław Kastory

Stanisław Kastory - Firlej Kastory

Stanisław Kastory is a co-founder of Firlej Kastory - family investment firm implementing impact strategy in VC investments.

Ewa Konczal

Ewa Konczal - EVPA

Ewa Konczal joined EVPA in May 2014 as the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Manager. Ewa is spreading the knowledge about venture philanthropy and social investment in CEE.

Marta Lesiewska

Marta Lesiewska - INSPIRED

Founder of INSPIRED, niche consulting and advisory consultancy, specializing in environment, sustainability, and governance (ESG).


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