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VII S2B Impact Forum (Virtual Impact Export)

09/11 - 13/11 2020

VII S2B Impact Forum (Virtual Impact Export)

NB. This event is organised by our member Ship2B and will be in Spanish

Why become an exhibitor of the impact expo?

Establish connections with new leads (investors, partners, suppliers, customers and other key target people of the ecosystem), export your contacts and explore the metrics and analytics of new contacts to follow-up.

Matchmaking - suggested profiles based on AI Interact in real time via chat or 1:1 video meeting agenda.

Show the solutions that the company offers through the virtual booth and also in the Pitches slots through the event platform.

Discover the latest trends and learn from the influencers of the sector.

Position yourself and your company within the new impact economy and generate synergies with startups, partners and innovative projects.

More information in English here

Or visit impact-forum.org


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