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Impact House: Impact Monday – Female Voices of the Impact House


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Impact House: Impact Monday – Female Voices of the Impact House

IM She Company

Join Impact House on 8 March: Tamara from She & Company will invite the female voices of the Impact-house to share personal stories on inspiring women. Women of influence, be it grandmothers, teachers or activists, that ignited a sparkle. ‘What women impressed you? What did they do -or refuse- that woke your passion for impact?’ If those questions trigger you, be welcome!

Meet inspiring leaders : Perrine de le Court – Ashoka Belgium, Céline Bouton – Lita.co, Mélodie Arts – Kiyo & Els Depoortere – Impact House.

She & Company – Futuring the Feminine

Founded in 2016, Tamara brings together women with the aim of sharing stories. Be it In-Company in a women’s network, Inter-Company in a gathering of female professionals, or in WomenCircles with no link to the job what so ever.

Sharing authentic stories is a forceful way to reward and awaken feminity. In all shapes and forms. And what is more: it encourages women to handle wherever, whenever with more female flavour. What is contagious for other women (and men). And thus creates a ripple-effect.

By sitting together, every woman becomes a ‘She inspires her Company’. And by Futuring the Feminine she helps to build a more balanced, diverse and inclusive world. A better place for all. Read more about She & Company.



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