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IFI Dealsharing session #3: Genderlens investing in a development context


IFI Dealsharing session #3: Genderlens investing in a development context

IFI Dealsharing session 3

Our third dealsharing online session will be on "Genderlens investing in a development context".

    Please register now, through this link.

    We have the pleasure to welcoming Audrey Selian from Rianta Capital, presenting three of their current investment opportunities:

    • Tamul Plates (Assam, India): Tamul Plates produces and markets biodegradable disposable dinnerware, including plates of various shapes and sizes as well as cutlery, through community-owned micro-enterprises spread across north-east India. The company sources arecanut leaves from a wide community of low-income/tribal women, and provides quality, entirely sustainable green alternatives to urban and global customers - generating sustainable livelihoods amongst rural women and youth.
    • Aakar Innovations (Maharashtra, India): Aakar is a hybrid social enterprise that enables women to produce and distribute affordable, high-quality, fully compostable sanitary napkins (India’s first and only!) within their communities while simultaneously raising awareness and sensitization of menstrual hygiene management. Their business model is also comprised of a B2B component based on sales of production equipment.
    • Mela Artisans (Maharashtra, India): Mela Artisans promotes a sustainable livelihood for artisans, with a high focus on gender, by providing a customer base for their handmade products. Mela Artisans curates authentic artisan products and presents them to a global audience of shoppers, online and in stores. Mela has generated orders resulting in over $2 million going directly to artisans over the past 3 years which has created over 2500 full-time jobs during that time. The company forges personal relationships with their artisans and actively promotes health, education, and development projects within artisan communities.

    Furthermore, we are happy to pronounce that Suzanne Biegel from Catalyst at Large will share a keynote on "Genderlens investing in the context of development” with us too.

    Looking forward to your participation!

    Meet the speakers

    Suzanne Biegel

    Suzanne Biegel - Catalyst at Large

    Suzanne Biegel is founder of Catalyst at Large, and Senior Gender Lens Investing Adviser at Wharton Social Impact Initiative, Wharton Business School. She recently created a pilot initiative to bring together investors with a gender lens, called Women Effect, which is now at Wharton.

    Audrey Selian

    Audrey Selian - Artha Initiative

    Audrey Selian currently serves as Director of the Artha Initiative associated with Rianta Capital Zurich and is a team member/advisor to the Halloran Philanthropies.


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