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Impact For Breakfast Berlin session: Career Upgrade Into Impact Finance?!


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Impact For Breakfast Berlin session: Career Upgrade Into Impact Finance?!

I4 B Berlin

This first Impact for Breakfast Berlin session will be an opportunity for the community to meet the co-hosts of Impact for Breakfast and meet each other.

This session is also dedicated to the topic of talent trends and career shifts in(to) the impact finance field and personal barriers, motivations and opportunities. Why a session on this topic? The growth of impact investing has led to an increased demand for unique and „multilingual” talent who have the mindset, skills and capacities to navigate both the financial as well as the impact world at the same time. Increasingly, experienced investment professionals are making a career shift into impact investing, successful entrepreneurs become impact angels and many graduates apply for the few entry positions with impact investing firms. Still, many more would like to make the shift but face some personal and structural barriers.

Impact for Breakfast Co-Host Anja Koenig of Social Impact Markets / European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) will present insights on talent and careers in impact investing based on a new research HR firm Reynold Russels in partnership with the Impact Fund Initiative at EVPA. Impact for Breakfast Co Host, Rene Wienholtz, serial entrepreneur and his partner at impact finance boutique Loom Impact, Ilko Thun, a senior investment professional will share their personal motivation, challenges and observations of transitioning from entrepreneurship and financial services into the impact investing field.Jessica Hopp of career transition organisation On Purpose will share some reflections on how to take the leap from towards a more impactful career. And we will hear personal experiences from others on career choices and transitions in(to) impact investing.

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I4B Berlin Co-hosts: Rene Wienholtz (wienholtz@loomimpact.com) and Anja König (akoenig@evpa.eu.com).


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