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Banking on change: economy recovery & sustainability pressure - sector challenges and opportunities


Banking on change: economy recovery & sustainability pressure - sector challenges and opportunities

Webinar Series for CEE 5 May 2021 speaker visual

This webinar took place on 13 May 2021 and is the fifth session of our "Investing for Impact Webinar Series for CEE" - click here for more information about the webinar series.


What is this webinar about?

Before COVID-19, banking was already under pressure from technology disruption, greater regulation, and an ultra-low-interest-rate environment. Now, these trends have been accelerated, increasing the need for transformative change. Therefore, banks engage with the whole spectrum of stakeholders to play a critical role in financing the transition to a green economy and more fair economy. However, is the sector in the CEE region ready for more restrictive ESG reporting and new, more ethical solutions?

This webinar discusses the latest trends influencing the banking sector and shares case studies of products, services and solutions banks may offer to their individual and institutional clients. Our guests explain how the industry can positively contribute to society using the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris agreement and the EU sustainability-related disclosure in financial sector regulation, and what changes are necessary to move transformation forward.

Webinar Recording

Meet the speakers

Johann Heep

Johann Heep - Erste Group Bank

In the past, Johann has contributed to several financial inclusion projects in the field of micro-finance and social enterprise finance for Erste Group Bank AG.

Pedro M. Sasia Santos

Pedro M. Sasia Santos - Spanish Solidarity Economy Network

During the last years, he has been board member of the Spanish Solidarity Economy Network and has developed an intense activity as researcher and consultant in the area of Business Ethics.

Włodzimierz Grudziński

Włodzimierz Grudziński - Polish Bank Association

Włodzimierz Grudziński is the Polish Bank Association Advisor, Vice President of European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks and Financiers and he was also a chairman of the Supervisory Board of TISE SA.

Eric Buckens

Eric Buckens - ABN AMRO

Eric Buckens is Director ABN AMRO Social Impact Investments. He has been leading the ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund since 2012, a venture capital fund that invests in social enterprises and innovative instruments, such as social impact bonds.

Ewa Konczal

Ewa Konczal - EVPA

Ewa Konczal joined EVPA in May 2014 as the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Manager. Ewa is spreading the knowledge about venture philanthropy and social investment in CEE.

Marta Lesiewska

Marta Lesiewska - INSPIRED

Founder of INSPIRED, niche consulting and advisory consultancy, specializing in environment, sustainability, and governance (ESG).

Stanisław Kastory

Stanisław Kastory - Firlej Kastory

Stanisław Kastory is a co-founder of Firlej Kastory - family investment firm implementing impact strategy in VC investments.


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