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Collective Corporate Impact Strategies: How companies and corporate social investors can deepen, scale or broaden their impact


Collective Corporate Impact Strategies: How companies and corporate social investors can deepen, scale or broaden their impact

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Some aspirational companies and corporate foundations are increasingly looking for opportunities to pursue more holistic impact approaches. They have started to set up new organisations like impact funds, accelerators, or corporate social businesses that can complement their work, combining social impact with financial objectives.

In recent research, EVPA has outlined three ways in which companies with multiple corporate social investors can work together to broaden their impact on society, scale the impact of promising societal solutions, or deepen their impact on a particular community.

Watch the recording of this webinar to hear from pioneering organisations how they are combining different financial instruments, investment strategies and organisation types to take their impact to the next level.

Pim Mol, Managing Director at Rabo Foundation, will explain how Rabo Foundation, Rabo Rural Fund and Rabobank are adopting the scale strategy to scale the impact of farmer-based organisations that enable smallholder farmers in developing countries to become self-sufficient and produce enough food sustainably to feed the growing population.

Christophe Poline, Director of Solidarity Investments at Schneider Electric, will demonstrate how Schneider Electric Foundation, Schneider Electric Energy Access (SEEA) impact fund and Schneider Electric are pursuing the depth strategy to provide deeper support to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa that are deprived of energy access.

Watch the Recording:

Meet the speakers

Pim Mol

Pim Mol - Rabo Foundation

Pim Mol has been working for Rabobank for nearly 10 years. Since January 2018 he is appointed as Managing Director of Rabo Foundation, which operates in 23 countries. Investing in people's self-sufficiency is our most important task. Not only in the Netherlands, but far beyond it.

Christophe Poline

Christophe Poline - Schneider Electric

Christophe has been Director of Solidarity Investments in the Sustainable Development Department of Schneider Electric since 2009.

Sophie Faujour Le Bon

Sophie Faujour Le Bon - EVPA

Sophie is leading market building efforts in France and Europe namely with European Corporates to help various practitioners like foundations and impact investing funds scale their impact. Based in Paris, Sophie supports members in their work, fostering valuable connections, facilitating peer learning, providing training as well as enabling the co-creation of projects.

Karoline Heitmann

Karoline Heitmann - EVPA

Karoline Heitmann is Corporate Initiative Manager at the European Venture Philanthropy Association’s (EVPA). She is leading EVPA's research on corporate social investing and is a published author on topics such as employee engagement and strategic alignment between corporates and corporate foundations.


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