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How can investors for impact best work with crowdfunding platforms?


How can investors for impact best work with crowdfunding platforms?

Accelerating for impact report launch e talk 2021

The objective of this E-Talk is to provide a brief introduction into the growing field of crowdfunding, and present selected use cases and examples to illustrate how investors for impact can work alongside crowdfunding platforms.

EVPA presented the new research piece “Accelerating the SDGs – The role of Crowdfunding in Investing for Impact”.

In this webinar the crowdfunding platform Lita.co explains how it has built a thriving ecosystem in France thanks to its collaboration with other investors for impact, such as INCO and BNP Paribas. The European Crowdfunding Network also shares the wider context of this fast growing segment.

Providing our members and practitioners in general with the opportunity to dive deeper into the topic, building knowledge and networks, this event was the first of a series of EVPA events on Crowdfunding for Impact.


  • Introductory remarks & highlights of research: EVPA
  • Market growth of crowdfunding: ECN
  • Case study: Lita.co, INCO and BNP Paribas Asset Management
  • Q&A – moderated by EVPA
  • Next steps: EVPA

    Download slides here

    Webinar Recording

    Meet the speakers

    Francesca Passeri

    Francesca Passeri - ECN

    Francesca joined EUROCROWD in February 2016 having previously worked for the Emilia-Romagna Delegation to the EU. She is responsible for advocacy and for strategic development of EUROCROWD.

    Jean-Sébastien Rabus

    Jean-Sébastien Rabus - INCO

    After a 10-year experience in financial audit (EY) and in a Transaction Services consulting firm, Jean-Sébastien joined Inco in 2019 as an Investment Director.

    Thibault Hiller von Gaertringen

    Thibault Hiller von Gaertringen - BNP Paribas Asset Management

    Thibault has a Master in Management and Social Entrepreneurship from ESSEC Business School. He has been working for more than 2-years as a financial analyst on Private Equity investments with a strong focus on social impact for BNP Paribas Asset Management, gaining experience in multiple sectors.

    Pierre Schmidtgall

    Pierre Schmidtgall - LITA.co

    Pierre Schmidtgall is partner / late founder and head of investment at LITA.co, the first responsible investment platform in Europe.

    Arnau Picón Martínez

    Arnau Picón Martínez - EVPA

    Arnau Picón is Research Associate at EVPA. Since joining EVPA in February 2019, Arnau has conducted research on topics related to the impact ecosystem, such as impact measurement and management and the role of crowdfunding platforms within the impact sector.

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