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EVPA Annual Conference 2021 - Results Oriented session


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EVPA Annual Conference 2021 - Results Oriented session

Public Private Collaborations: Journeys in Scaling-up Social Innovation

Social innovations are activities, which develop and implement new ideas that meet social needs, enhance cross-sectoral collaboration and form new connections. To scale these up there is a need for agile, connected, and engaged public- and private actors that channel financial and non-financial resources towards positive social impact at the national and European level. During this session, we will discuss how the upcoming national- and European Social Innovation Competence Centres, innovative public-private collaborations and financial mechanisms, contribute to supporting social innovation and the transformation of government-systems towards a stronger multidisciplinary approach to policy-making.

Experts from the European Commission, Brabant regional authority and the European Investment Fund will engage the audience on a lively conversation about the role of governments and EU public institutions in boosting innovation and transformation in society.

Meet the speakers

Elodie Donjon

Elodie Donjon - European Investment Fund

Elodie started her career at EIF in 2004, where she held various positions, such as fund administrator (specifically for EIF’s Turkish and Portuguese funds-of-funds) and investment professional. For the past five years, she was working with EIF’s Lower Mid-Market team, making growth and debt investments throughout Europe. She has been involved in the due diligence of more than 40 opportunities and also monitored a portfolio of funds spread across Europe.

Astrid Kaag

Astrid Kaag - Province of Noord-Brabant (NL)

Astrid Kaag is senior policy advisor International Affairs for the regional government of Noord-Brabant (NL) on the topic of socio-economic transformation. This transformation is about all actions of stakeholders that contribute to the recovering of balance between people, planet, profit: varying from grass roots’ initiatives to corporate businesses doing business for the greater good. Important change makers in this movement are social entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs invest in contributing to societal issues; their business is not primarily aimed at making a (monetary) profit but about creating positive societal and ecological impact.

Risto Raivio

Risto Raivio - European Commission

Risto Raivio is a senior expert in European Commission's Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. He works in the ESF coordination unit and is in charge of ESF measures promoting social innovation.

Cătălina Papari

Cătălina Papari - EVPA

Cătălina Papari joined our Policy department as a Policy and EU Partnerships Associate in April 2020. She was a trainee at the European Commission in DG Regio, starting to specialise in inter-institutional European relations and audit, mainly focusing on the simplification of the Cohesion Policy and ERDF.

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