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EVPA Crash Course on Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment


During this course EVPA members and Annual Conference participants have the opportunity to hear first-hand stories from different actors from all over Europe who will explain how they practice Venture Philanthropy and Social Investments (VP/SI): their funding, impact measurement and non-financial support models. 

The day will start with an introduction on the main VP/SI practices and trends. After that a venture philanthropy organisation and an investee will be on stage to discuss, starting from their practical experience, about the venture philanthropy approach to strengthen social purpose organisations and maximise their impact. Furthermore, we will explore how the different actors (e.g. impact funds and foundations) are practicing Venture Philanthropy and Social Investments by showcasing some relevant examples coming from the EVPA members with a solid experience in the sector.

At EVPA we believe peer to peer learning is a key component to move the Venture Philanthropy practice forward. This is why at the end of the day we will organise a workshop in which the participants will have the chance to meet, exchange and orientate with the other delegates. At the same time, the EVPA team members will introduce you to the EVPA Annual Conference, and will guide you through the agenda to help you focus on what is most interesting for you.

Who should attend?

The training is suitable for all interested to learn more about Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment, and how it can be applied to their organisations, for newcomers into the space and for people looking for new inspiration in innovative financing to tackle social issues.

Please note that this training is limited to 70 persons. 

Fee structure

Please note that EVPA Members and Conference Members have priority access to this training and pay 50% of regular fee. EVPA members can also benefit from a number of travel scholarships reserved only to them. 

More information

Stay tuned, we will soon open the registrations and add the prices!

Download the cancellation policy here.

Should you have further inquiries related to the Crash Course, please send an email to trainingacademy@evpa.eu.com.

Meet the speakers

Alessia Gianoncelli

Alessia Gianoncelli - EVPA, Belgium

Alessia is EVPA’s Research Manager. She re-joined EVPA in August 2016 as Research Associate after having previously worked as Research and Policy Analyst and as Project Analyst.

Lena Vasilopoulou

Lena Vasilopoulou - EVPA, Belgium

Lena joined EVPA as a Training Intern in December 2017. She holds a MSc in Educational Sciences from KU Leuven and a BSc in Chemistry. 

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