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The Fundamental Course on Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing


Are you new in the sector of venture philanthropy and impact investing? Then this is the right course for you to deepen your knowledge and grow your network!

 "The Fundamental Course on Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing" is specifically designed to offer participants who are new to the sector with the fundamental tool-kit to practice venture philanthropy (VP) and impact investing (II). 

As a participant, you will:

·         acquire the knowledge to develop an impact-centric funding strategy.

·         understand the entire investment process, including techniques used for due diligence, closing and structuring of deals, governance aspects of a VP/II organisation, how to manage an impactful exit and portfolio management.

Case studies and a focus on day-to-day practice will be at the heart of the training: you will be provided with ready-to-use strategies, tools & materials to work on during the workshops. Experienced VP/II practitioners from all over Europe will share their insights and will work with you on the key practices of VP/II, including how to set up a VP/II organisation, how to define a theory of change from the perspective of the investor and how to deploy the most impactful financial strategy.

The structure of the course

The course is co-designed jointly by EVPA and ESADE Business School and it combines a preparatory session (starting 15 days prior to the training) using the online learning platform with two days of face-to-face interaction with leading professors and practitioners in Barcelona. After the training you will have the chance to work on your own action plan to develop or revise your impact strategy and you will receive a feedback at the end of the programme.

Who should attend?

The training is designed for practitioners with no or little experience on the VP/II field. It targets professionals from venture philanthropy organisations (impact investing funds and foundations), financial institutions, incubators, accelerators, and corporations with an interest in developing an impact-centric funding approach.

In order to guarantee the interactivity and learning potential of the workshop, spaces are limited. Each application will be screened by EVPA and ESADE which reserve the ultimate decision on admittance. Particular attention will be paid to the personal and the organization’s commitment to Venture Philanthropy/Impact Investing.


EVPA and ESADE will award an executive education joint certificate of the course to the participants who have successfully completed the program and the assignments.

Don’t forget that EVPA members have priority access to trainings and pay 50% of regular fees.

More information

Find more information on EVPA and ESADE.

Should you have further inquiries, please send an email to trainingacademy@evpa.eu.com

Download the course leaflet here.

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