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AVPN Virtual Conference 2020


AVPN Virtual Conference 2020

AVPN Virtual conference 2020

The Power of Networks

The 8th edition of the AVPN Conference will focus on the impact that networks can bring to scale solutions and advance global agendas. Leveraging the power of networks has never been more important to address the pressing issues that no one organization, country or individual can solve alone.

AVPN 2020 will harness the power of networks to influence and ignite action across 3 key pillars: people, place and platforms

  • People: Breaking silos is key to unlocking unique partnerships and ensuring learnings are captured across the ecosystem. We recognise, however, that there are nuances we need to acknowledge within this diversity. The AVPN Conference will include sessions dedicated to specific funder groups, such as foundations, family offices, corporations, impacts funds etc. These sessions will focus on peer to peer knowledge sharing and best practice approaches.
  • Place: The AVPN Conference will adapt global and regional knowledge for local contexts. Primed for action, the Conference will include networking opportunities and workshops designed to translate high-level panel discussions into more intimate market-specific working groups. The AVPN Connector App will continue to help delegates navigate through the 4-day agenda.
  • Platforms: Backed by technology and brought to life through in-person engagements, platforms play a key role in harnessing the power of networks. AVPN’s thematic platforms pool and streamline efforts so that practitioners can identify gap areas and find partners more effectively.

Why you should attend AVPN 2020?

  • Connect: Leverage the convening power of AVPN to connect with leading social investment practitioners from around the globe working to tackle common challenges throughout Asia
  • Learn: Hear from the region’s top authorities on cutting edge solutions, best practices and inspiring examples to drive impact.
  • Lead: Set the agenda by bringing urgent attention to the most pressing issues facing Asia

For more information: conference.avpn.asia

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  • EVPA member (USD) € 200
  • Social Investors (USD) € 400
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