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IFI Dealsharing session #4: Reducing food waste


  • 09:30 - 11:00
  • Webinars

IFI Dealsharing session #4: Reducing food waste

Every month, EVPA organises a dealsharing sessions around a specific theme for the members of the Impact Funds Initiative to present ventures for potential co-investment. Please find here the list of dealsharing sessions.

The dealsharing session #4 is co-hosted by DOEN Participaties and ImpactCity

Introduction by Stefan Baeke (Founder at Yespers)

  • VanBoven predicts the harvest of fresh produce to perfectly align supply and demand. The result is decreased food waste, a resilient value chain and fair prices.
  • Jack Bean is a sustainable food company that aims to inspire people to eat more plants and produces 100% plant-based fast cuisine
  • Orbisk enables the world to reduce food waste, by making progressive technology available for everyday use. More information here.

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(This event if for IFI members only)

If you want more information about any of these ventures or would like to get in touch with DOEN, please send an email to mblom@evpa.eu.com


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