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Webinar | Enablers of Impact: the Role of Incubators and Accelerators in Bridging Investment and Solutions


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Webinar | Enablers of Impact: the Role of Incubators and Accelerators in Bridging Investment and Solutions

Enablers of impact 2020 webinar social media

EVPA recently launched the report: “Enablers of impact”, developed in collaboration with MAZE - decoding impact. This report analyses the role of incubators and accelerators in the impact ecosystem, identifying trends along specific characteristics. The launch of this report represents a great opportunity to engage with EBN, a leading network in the field of development and growth of innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs.

On 13th May, EVPA, in partnership with EBN, hosted a free webinar to dive into the key insights of the “Enablers of impact” report, building on the main recommendations included in it. Thanks to the participation of two experienced impact funds, we explored their strategies and how they collaborate with incubators/accelerators to find new investment opportunities.

Webinar Recording

Download the slides here


  • Introduction
  • Key insights from EVPA/MAZE report “Enablers of impact”
  • EBN sharing views on insights from the report
  • Live polls
  • Presentation Impact Fund #1 from EVPA community
  • Presentation Impact Fund #2 from EVPA community
  • Interactive Q&A session
  • Conclusion

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Meet the speakers

Alessia Gianoncelli

Alessia Gianoncelli - EVPA

With almost a decade of experience in the social investment space, Alessia is the Head of Knowledge, Community and Market Development at EVPA. As part of her role, she is responsible for research activities, content development, data collection, community engagement and market building.

Antonio Miguel

Antonio Miguel - Maze - Decoding Impact

Antonio Miguel is the Managing Director of the Maze - Decoding Impact, a Lisbon-based social investment intermediary that implements financial and non-financial mechanisms to unlock capital towards social change in Portugal.

Gianluca Gaggiotti

Gianluca Gaggiotti - EVPA

Gianluca Gaggiotti is Research Manager at EVPA, where he is directly involved in several research activities, with a specific focus on data analysis and content development of several research-related initiatives.

Inês Charro

Inês Charro - MAZE - Decoding Impact

Inês works across our public sector projects excelling at impact and finance models, research and benchmarking. Previously worked at BCG and left a piece of her heart in Angola. MSc in Finance and International Management from NOVA SBE. When not binge writing master thesis, Inês can be found in a concert of a band that nobody probably ever heard of.

Chiara Davalli

Chiara Davalli - EBN

Chiara Davalli is a Senior Project Leader at EBN responsible for delivering EU and non-EU projects. She is also manager of the Social Impact Special Interest Group (SIG). Chiara joined the EBN team in April 2010. At EBN, she initially assisted the Quality & Technical Assistance Department for two years before joining the EU projects team where she is now in charge of the following projects: INNO INDIGO, SCHIP, COMPASS, INCOBRA and ENRICH in Brazil.

Omar Bendjelloun

Omar Bendjelloun - INCO’s Venture Capital

Omar is an Investment Officer for INCO’s Venture Capital arm and coordinates impact measurement at group level. He manages a growing portfolio of investments in sustainable food, accessibility tech and job inclusion, and contributes to deal origination and due-diligence at the firm.

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