Collective Corporate Impact Strategies

December 03, 2020


Companies and corporate social investors (CSIs) are increasingly looking for opportunities to pursue more holistic impact approaches. This leaflet describes how companies with multiple CSIs can pursue collective impact strategies to broaden their impact on society, scale the impact of a societal solution, or deepen the impact on particular communities.

Building a collective corporate impact approach graph

Case Studies

How can a foundation, an impact fund and a bank build on each other’s unique strength and opportunities to scale the impact of societal solutions? Our first case study outlines how Rabo Foundation, Rabo Rural Fund and Rabobank are working together to scale the impact of farmer-based organisations that support smallholder farmers in developing countries.

CI Case Study Rabo Foundation 2021 visual

Watch Karoline Heitmann, EVPA's Corporate Initiative Manager, explaining how corporate social investors can explore more holistic impact approaches:

Top tips to convince corporate leaders to set up a social impact fund

Companies often have a sense that they could make a greater positive impact on society and the planet by enabling different parts of their organisation to collaborate around a common vision. But they don’t always know how to deliver this kind of collaborative approach in practice. Setting up a corporate social investment fund can offer an effective solution.

Watch top tips to set up a social impact fund by Sophie Faujour, EVPA's corporate Initiative Lead:

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