Covid-19 and the Need for Action

August 28, 2020


Policy Brief

COVID-19 pandemic has brought major repercussions for our economies, with dire consequences for the social economy and social enterprises. The EU has re-evaluated its potential to deliver a coordinated and powerful collective response, both from the side of public and private actors, to attenuate the economic issues caused by the Coronavirus crisis. The flexibility of the Commission and quick adaptation are strongly visible not only in the proposed emergency solutions/ instruments for recovery, but also through all the planning of the next Multiannual Financial Framework. At the same time, the Social Economy’s financial response has contributed to all these public initiatives mainly through crowd- and match-funding mechanisms, as well as non-financial support pushing for a quicker recovery.

Read our Policy Brief to learn more about all the measures taken.

Webinar Recording and slides

During this webinar we heard which measures the Commission took for temporary support in times of Covid-19. We deepened our understanding of the ”SURE” programme (”Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency”) proposed by the Commission as a European instrument to ensure that workers receive an income and businesses keep their staff. Finally, we delved into the challenges faced by practitioners, sharing the best practices in confronting the current Corona-virus crisis.

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Bianca Polidoro Bianca Polidoro

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